The University Reform of 1933: A Bibliography

Darülfünun, the foundation of which can be traced back to 1846, was abolished in 1933 and Istanbul University was established instead of it. This event known as 1933 University Reform, is a landmark for the history of Turkish higher education. This paper aims to compile works dealing with the University Reform and to present a bibliography to researchers. It also aims to put forth the neglected sides of the subject for consideration. Consequently, it can be seen that the studies that are mentioned in the bibliography generally focused on both the reform process itself and comparison of Darülfünun and Istanbul University academically and administratively. On the other hand, one cannot find many studies showing concretely the contributions of the reform to the Turkish scientific and educational life. More than abolishing an institution and establishing a new one instead of it, the most important aspect of this reform is certainly the dismissal of professors working at Darülfünun and recruitment of foreign scientists -mostly German- in their positions. Therefore, it is obvious that the influences and contributions of Reform to Turkish scientific and educational life cannot be evaluated independently from the activities of these scientists. There is a common view shared by researchers working on the University Reform that foreign scientists definitely enlivened Turkish scientific, cultural and educational life and changed the climate of research. But, studies dealing with these scientists, excluding a few, are bio-bibliographical and far from revealing the contributions of these scientists clearly on the fields they had studied. To achieve this, works of these scientists must be studied in detail and professionally by researchers who are expert on the related fields. History of science needs many studies which examine in such way. As a significant landmark for history of science and education, the University Reform presents various aspects to researchers' interest.


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