History of Science at Ankara University- Language, History, Geography Faculty

Although the lectures on the History of Science at Ankara University had begun in 1943, the chair of History of Science was officially founded in 1955 by Prof. Aydın Sayılı under the Department of Philosophy. Sevim Tekeli was appointed to the chair in the same year as a research assistant. In the following years the chair has grown in strength and new members of the University joined it. Prof. Esin Kahya is now the chairperson, other members being Melek Dosay Gökdoğan, Remzi Demir, Hüseyin Gazi Topdemir, Yavuz Unat, Ayten Aydın Koç and Ali Rıza Tosun. Since its foundation, these academics made a good deal publications. Their publications numbered totally 353, out of which 59 are books and 294 are articles. Most of these publications are concerning the Turks in the pre- Ottoman and Ottoman periods as well as the Turkish Republican Period.


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