A Bibliography of Bibliographies of Turkish History of Science

Studies on the classification of sciences were the main bibliographic studies among the Turks and they could be traced back to the 15th century. After a short introduction on the historical background of the bibliographical studies among the Turks, this article deals essentially with Bibliography of the History of Turkish Science/ Türk Bilim Tarihi Bibliyografyası. In doing this, it also presents bibliographies concerning the sciences that have been the sub-branches of history of science. First of all, under the general bibliographies of history of science, the author reviews Aykut Kazancıgil and Vural Solok's Türk Bilim Tarihi Bibliyografyası (1850-1981), which is the first and the only bibliography in the field. Then, the article examines bibliographies concerning the history of several sciences, and personal bibliographies. Finally, the article concludes with biographies of certain scholars who contributed to the history of science.


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