Literature on the Mecelle in Turkish

The significance of Mecelle lies in that it was a codification project that was an object of interest for many both before and after it was put to practice. The first example of codification, based on Islamic law, in contract law and partially in property and personal law, it has had a significant impact on both the Ottoman modernization and the legal modernization in the wider Muslim world in the 20th century. However, the contemporary literature on this important text is not rich enough and falls short in terms of the intellectual level of studies on it. This article examines studies on Mecelle and commentaries on it, and the literature - during the last 130 years since it was first put into effect- in Turkish on the process of its preparation, its features and its place in the history of Turkish law. In addition, an annotated bibliography is listed in the article. The non-Turkish literature and manuscripts, both of which require separate studies, are not included in this examination.


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