On a Library Shelf Wating For Its Reader: The Mecmua of Law Scholarship and Comparison of Codes

The question of transfer of Western press laws to the Ottoman Empire had continued up to the end of the Empire. To deal with this problem within the Ottoman legal system during this period it needs a legal guide to the profession of the publishing as well as to find a solution for the problems of the printed materials. The magazine we are dealing with is the İlm-i Hukuk ve Mukayese-i Kavanin Mecmuası, which had been published since 13 April 1909 and continued to reach 24th series. After having studied the published series we realized that they dealt with the reformation that had been made during the Second Constitutional Period and the solutions that it had brought to the questions of publishing. Therefore, the İlm-i Hukuk ve Mukayese-i Kavanin Mecmuası is an important reference for the history of Law.


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