On the Studies of Urbanization in Turkey in the Republican Era

This paper is a review of the literature on the processes of urbanization in Turkey in the period of 1923-2005. The studies on the cities which are the major spaces in the modernization efforts in the Republican Era constitute a major part of Turkish social sciences. This paper introduces the substantial ones among these studies and gives a detailed bibliography at the end. The historical line in urbanization process has been explained in the specific context of Anatolia. In the review part of this paper, scholars who were the major contributors in the foundational stage of the urban studies and contributed to that process in a prominent way have been evaluated. The basic works of the scholars from a variety of disciplines have been included. One of the crucial dimensions of the urbanization studies has been the question of squatter house after 1950. The formation of informal housing spaces which deeply influenced the urbanization processes of non-Western societies generated the question of squatter houses as a single topic for research. Squatter houses literature basically focuses on large cities and especially Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. For that reason, bibliography has been divided into two parts at the end. This paper seeks to argue the main trends in urban studies and in the literature.


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