Literature Theory Literature in Modern Turkish Literature

The changes witnessed in almost all realms of life in the aftermath of the Tanzimat Era natrally had its repercussions on literature. This influence led, on the one hand, to the emergence of new literary styles in terms of both style and content and on the other hand, to the gradual questioning of perceptions of classical literature. These innovations and transformations paved the way for the formation of a literary theory, which explored the methods, reasons and processes of literature. As far as this new trend was concerned, our literati were first influenced by the Arabian rhetoricians and then they headed towards the West. Our cultural and literary life, constantly oscilliating between the East and the West, failed this time in creating original approaches that centered inour own indigenious perspective. This unfavorable situation present in the theory of literature since the beginning still lingers despite the gradual rise of sporadic works, and the Turkish readers and researchers are fed by translated works more frequently than any other.


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