The Prose Poem Literature in Turkish Literature

Prose poem is the expression of sensitivity peculiar to poetry in the form of prose via images and association. It contains the attributes of a genre between that of short story and poetry. It appears in the form of short texts made up of a few paragraphs or one to two pages. The first examples of prose poem as a literary genre were produced in French literature in the middle of the nineteenth century. Its inclusion into the Turkish literature corresponds to the period of Ara Nesil. It was received with great interest by the followers of Servet-i Fünûn such as Halit Ziya, Mehmet Rauf. It was well practiced under the successful representatives of Fecr-i Âtî led by Yakup Kadri during the Second Constitutional Period. The literati of also the Republican era attempted to produce works of prose poetry. However, it is difficult to claim its popularity in the latter period in comparison to the Servet-i Fünûn and the Second Constitutional Period.


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