Periodical of the Istanbul University Literature Faculty Turkish Language and Literature

“Periodical of Istanbul University Faculty of Literature, Turkish Language and Literature”, is one of the most important scientific periodicals published since 1946. In 2005, the 32nd volume of the periodical was released. Currently, volume 33 is on press and articles are being collected for volume 34. In this article, we first provided some brief information on the Istanbul University Faculty of Literature Turkish Language and Literature Department. We then moved on to the stylistic attributes of the periodical. Glancing through all of its volumes, we realized that the articles on ‘New Turkish Literature' and ‘Language' outnumbered all others. Since the current issue deals with the “New Turkish Literature,” we examined all related articles. However, we limited ourselves to the examination of twenty original articles in order to fit them into the scope of our article. We presented the larger list of all articles on ‘New Turkish Literature' in the ‘Bibliography'.


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