Bibliography for Thesis on New Turkish Literature

This study provides a list of all MA theses and PhD dissertations on Contemporary Turkish Literature classified according to their subject s. Subsequently, a bibliography of published books based on those dissertations is given. The aim of this work is to guide future studies as to save them from incomplete information or repetitions, and thereby, to emphasize the range of covered areas and approaches in Turkey in the field of Contemporary Turkish Literature. To be of further assistance to the researcher, the theses have been classified according to their periods, ecoles and some topic headings as in the following; Reform Period; Middle Generation; Servet-i Fünun Period; Fecr-i Ati Period; National Literature Period; Republic Period; Contemporary Period; Newspaper and Magazine Articles; Monographies; Literature types other than novels, stories and poetry (Anthology, Essays, History of Literature, Critics, Memory-Trip, Letter, Theatre); Linguistics/Semiotics; Education; Theoretical Studies; Literature of the Turkic World.


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