A Bibliography of Theses on Turkish Literature Written in France

Studies have been conducted on Turkology not only in the Turkish Language and Literature Departments of Turkey but also in some other universities and institutes abroad on which we do not hold much information. In this article, we tried to formulate a bibliography of the “Theses Produced in France on Turkish Literature” deriving from our own experiences and areas of specialty. We aimed to account for the gap in this respect by introducing those universities and institutes in France focusing on Turkology as well as their end products. With the same motive, we selected and introduced the Ph.D dissertation of Esengül Mete Yuva entitled “La Présence française dans les débuts de la modernité littéraire torque” [The French Presence in the Beginning of Modern Turkish Literature], which she defended at the University of Paris VIII in 2004, as it constitutes an important example of such literature produced in recent years.


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