Ahmet Kabaklı

Adnan Benk (1922-1998), a leading critic in modern Turkish literature, started writing reviews in 1947, after graduating from the Department of French and Roman Languages and Literatures of Istanbul University in 1946. He published his articles in various newspapers and literary magazines especially between 1950-1960. Exhibiting an effective writing style and a deep knowledge of the various arts, Benk's writings mainly focused on literature, fine arts, music, cinema, and theatre. In some of his writings, Benk engaged in discussions with famous names of the Turkish literary world. Since a wide range of subjects and a vivid style characterize his writings, he has been considered a highly original writer both by the writers of his time and of present. In this study, the main elements of Benk's understanding of criticism are subjected to scrutiny. Favoring objective criticism, Benk defends that the literary works must be analyzed primarily from a literary perspecive and as a unity in themselves. Benk can also be observed as a proficient polemicist who adopted a unique sense of humor in his critical writings. Thus, Adnan Benk's idea of objective criticism may occasionally be found to be contradicted by his personal style and subjective judgment employed in his practice. BEŞİR AYVAZOĞLU

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