The Classical Turkish Literature Studies: Methods and Ecoles

The study of Classical Turkish Literature began in the 19th century. Even though initially they lacked a specific methodology, by the beginning of the 20th century, these studies on the Classical Turkish Literature embraced the methods of modern literary scholarship. Dr. Köprülü, who was one of the initiators of modern methodological approach, was soon followed by many other scholars. Archival cataloging, textual analysis and interpretation, comparative studies, anthologies and mass-market publications drew scholarly attention to the content and formal characteristics of the Classical Turkish Poetry. Acquiring the basic principles of the modern exegetical and interpretive approach, along with the historical knowledge to illuminate the cultural background of classical poetry, has become an urgent necessity in this specific field. The increasing quantity and quality of the mass-market publications that also include academic sensibilities, is a signal of progress in the field. Nevertheless, despite the availability of over 2000 articles and 800 books, it is still not possible to state that the Classical Turkish Literature has been studied intensively. Yet the negative outlook of the 1920's upon the Classical Turkish Literature has gradually vanished through the impact of academic and popular literary studies since 1985.


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