A Literature on Husrev u Shirin and Husn u Asq

“Husrav u Shirin” and “ Husn u Ashk” are two seperate pieces of works written in the form of “masnavi” poetry, belonging to the Old Turkish Literature. These works can be said to have a distinguished importance in displaying the characteristic of “masnavi” poetry in our literature. “Husrav u Shirin”, which takes its subject from the Nizami's same titled work as it was written by a great deal of poet at different times. This masnavi sometimes was written poetically under the title of “Ferhad u Shirin” or “Farhadname” just because of its character, Farhad being so significant. “Husrav u Shirin”s follow the examples of Persian when their subjects and the constitutions of their plots are taken into consideration; however, they were able to gain on originality with their style of wording. On the other hand, Husn u Ashk that puts on end to the Turkish “masnavi”s in to imitate Nizami with both its subject and its style has a unique characteristic. For their very own characteristics, this “masnavi” s has been the subject of many researches. In this article, after the “masnavi”s are introduced briefly, one bibliography of the Works done on them are tried to be given.


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