Studies on Social Life in Old Turkish Literature

Turkish Classical Literature is an old and original literature tradition. Its first works had been written from XIIIth century to XIXth century. After XIXth century Turkish Literature begun to change radically and men of letters left the old forms. They took examples from European literature traditions. In 1923 Turkish Republic was found. It was beginning of a new life style for Turkish intellectuals. After that, Turkish alphabet was changed by the Latin one in 1928. In addition, language was tried to purified, so only etymologically Turkish words would have been used. Especially in those days, Turkish Classical Literature was criticized so much. People said it was not original and it had no relation to the daily life of ordinary man. But in time these bias and prejudices changed with the help of some researchers. In this work we tried to list all these researches. We put them in three groups, e. i. thesis, book and articles. Especially in last decade works on the relationship between classical literature and social life have increased. There are also a couple of important postgraduade theses. I think all these studies can be just beginning and we have so much to do.


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