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 Guidelines & Styles


Türkiye Türkiye Araştırmaları Literatür Dergisi (Turkish Studies Review), is biannual, refereed academic journal.

TALID publishes articles, review articles and reviews both in Turkish and other languages, together with their Turkish translations.

Please use the format below for your footnotes. Please do not attach a bibliography for the sources which were already referred in the footnotes.

Please enclose an abstract of not more than 200 words and 5 keywords both in English and Turkish.

Please put your personal information to the bottom of the first page with an asterisk (*) in the following order Academic title, Name, Institution, Department. 

Please inform us about your contact information to be able to send the periodicals etc. on time to you.

You will receive one copies of the issue in which your article published.

Please send your articles and reviews to You will receive a confirmation e-mail for your e-mail.

Thanks for your contribution to TALID

Style sheet

One Author

Coskun Cakir, Tanzimat Donemi Osmanli Maliyesi, Istanbul: Kure Yayinlari, 2001, p. 10-15.

Multiple Authors

Geoffery Collins and Matthew D. Wortmaster (ed.) The Collected Works of G. Farthington Pennyloss, Boston: C.F. Pennyloss, 1993, p. 48.


Michael P. Steinberg (ed.), Walter Benjamin and the Demands of History, New York: Cornell University Press, 1996, p. 38.

* eds. for editors.


Michael Palairet, Balkan Ekonomileri 1800-1914: Kalkinmasiz Devrim, trans. by Ayse Edirne, Istanbul: Sabanci Universitesi Yayinlari, p. 48-50.


Sevket Pamuk, "Money in the Ottoman Empire, 1326-1914," An Economic and Social History of the Ottoman Empire, Halil Inalcik and Donald Quataert (ed.), New York: Cambridge University Press, 1994, p. 102.

Selim Deringil, "Osmanli Imparatorlugu'nda Gelenegin Icadi ve 'Muhayyel Cemaat' ve Panislamizm," Toplum ve Bilim, 1991, v. 15, n. 54-55, p. 10-15.

Theses and Dissertations

Samuel Bostaph, "Epistemological Foundations of Methodological Conflict in Economics: The Case of the Nineteenth Century Methodenstreit", Ph.D. Dissertation, Southern Illinois University, 1976, p. 20-23.


Selim Deringil, "Osmanli Imparatorlugu'nda Gelenegin Icadi ve 'Muhayyel Cemaat' ve Panislamizm", 10 December 1991,

If applicable:

Please use centuries as XVth (not 15th) century

Please first use surnames of the authors at Bibliography.

Please give total numbers of pages as vii+150 p.

Please use edition numbers right after titles like Irfan Gunduz, Osmanlilarda Devlet-Tekke Munasebetleri, 2nd edition, Istanbul: Seha Nesriyat, 1990.

Please use 12pt, 1,5 lines, justified, Times New Roman


Pamuk, "Money in the Ottoman Empire, 1326-1914," p. 10-11.

Cakir, Tanzimat Dönemi, p. 103.
ibid, p. 100-102.



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