The Song of Love: Ghazal in Old Turkish Literature

Ghazel, named in the Turkish literature, appears in the Arabic literature and develops in the Persian literature in respect of form and content. Throughout the centuries, it becomes a form of verse loved by Turkish poets in relation to both theme and form. Ghazel’s themes are mainly love, women and wine; but one can also see praise of city and location, tevhid, münâjât, mersiye, nâ’t, methiye, fakhriyye, hejv and hezl. In this article, I tried first of all, to give information on the historical progress of ghazel in the Arabic, Persian and Turkish literature, and poets who wrote ghazels, and expressions relative to form and content of the genre. I also tried to determine general bibliography relative to ghazel and evaluate some of them. At the end of the article, I added popular and academic sourcesabout the subject as a list.


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