The Bibliography of Baykan Sezer

Baykan Sezer is a prominent name deserving to be studied for his own sake. However, his methodology and perspective are not confined only to himself. For this reason, bibliography of Baykan Sezer cannot be evaluated within the confines of only his own studies. His studies need to be evaluated by taking their effects into consideration. The chronological list of Baykan Sezer books does not reflect this scope comprehensively. His lectures and the theses that he advised directly or indirectly needs to be dealt with in a separate study. Bibliography of Baykan Sezer, even at first glance reveals the wide scope of topics that he interested in. By means of the topics that he dwelled on Baykan Sezer underlined the main arguments of Turkish sociology. He has an academic accumulation to deal in a comprehensive way with the issues of wide range from main sociological theories to history of Western society, history of Ottoman-Turkish society, thought of Turkish society, issues of economics and geography, sacred texts of universal religions, and world and Turkish literature and cinema. This article aims to present a chronological list of Baykan Sezer's studies by pointing out some details about his researches and publications.


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