Entangled Discourses: Questioning Orientalist and Nationalist Heritage in the Historiography of 'Lands of Rum' Architecture

This article provides some brief information about the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture that has been functioning under Harvard University and M.I.T since 1979. In this context, the Muqarnas journal, first published in 1983, is introduced. This is followed by a list of articles related to the art and architecture of the "Land of Rum" published in the journal in between 1983-2008. Moreover, a detailed summary of the conference organized by the program in 2006 entitled "Historiography and Ideology: Architectural Heritage of the 'Lands of Rum'" is treated together with again a summary of the 24th volume of Muqarnas in 2007 where the papers were published. Moreover, a detailed analysis of the architectural historiography of the "Lands of the Rum" is integrated into this article.


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