Turkish-Ottoman Palace Literature (12th-20th Centuries)

This study is an attempt to provide a detailed literature on the palaces of Anatolia from the Turkish-Ottoman era. The volume of material surviving to this day in Turkey regarding the Turkish palaces in the Pre-Ottoman era is considerably small. Information about these palace structures that have partially survived in different part of Anatolia until the 19th century has been transmitted via travelogues. The excavations from the second half of the 20th century also reveal concrete evidence. Because of these limited resources, however, theses in the field are also restricted. The same can be stated for Ottoman palaces of the early period. On the other hand, there is a very rich, constantly expanding literature of theses and conference papers on large palace complexes built in Istanbul and Edirne in the 15th century and palaces built along the shores of Bosphorus and the Golden Horne in the 18th century.


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