A Bibliography for Articles on Architecture in the Republican Era

The publications in architecture in Turkey were pioneered by Zeki Sayar and his friends in 1931 under the title Mimar, which was later changed to Arkitekt. In Turkey there have been fifty-two journals being published in this area, twenty-eight of which are still in press, while twenty-four exist no longer. Vakıflar Dergisi is the journal having the longest publication history by the Direc-torate General of Foundations (Vakıflar Genel Müdürlüğü). This is followed by Mimarlık published by the Architectural Council (Mimarlar Odası) and then Yapı published by Construction Industrial Council (Yapı Endüstri Merkezi). Most journals have occasionally devoted space to pieces on architectural history, while many oth¬ers have avoided them altogether due to commercial concerns. Vakıflar Dergisi has covered pieces on just the monumental structures of the Seljuk and Ottoman eras for 70 years and in 38 issues. On the other hand, areas of discourse such as the theory of architectural history or the cultural heritage of the 20th century have been neglected. The latter have found its voice in journals like Arredamento Mimarlık, METU Journal of the Faculty of Architecture and Mimarlık by the Chamber of Architects.


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