Cities in Turkey from an Architectural Perspective

This study concentrating on the bibliography of graduate theses on architectural history aims to contribute to available research in the field. It also seeks to benefit the researcher who is in the process of selecting a topic and compiling a related bibliography. It is with this purpose that the theses database of YÖK (Council of Higher Education) and previous bibliographical works have been scanned. Due to a need to limit this research, however, only the Masters and Ph.D. theses conducted in Turkish cities outside of Istanbul have been compiled. Historical buildings, urban history, architectural styles and trends, architectural organizations in history, historical urban fabric, restoration, material and technique in history related to architecture and leading figures in the formation of our architectural culture are among the topics that have been analyzed under headings such as Turkey, Anatolia, Ottomans, General Studies on the Republic: Theories, Periods, Buildings and Studies of Architectural history related to cities.


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