Department of History of Architecture - Istanbul Technical University

Although the history of the Technical University of Istanbul dates back to the 18th century, architectural education was established in 1944. The department of the History of Architecture was inaugurated in 1952 when Italian Paolo Verzone was appointed to teach here. With the fusion of two departments in 1982 came out the "History of Architecture", department of today and the "Conservation and Preservation" department. Four compulsory courses of the Undergraduate program cover the periods of Greek and Roman Antiquity and Byzantine Period, Turkish Architecture, European Architecture from the Middle Ages to the XIXth century and Contemporary Architecture. They are supported by various elective courses. The Graduate program in the History of Architecture started in the 1960s. When Graduate Institutes opened in 1982, the former graduate programs ceased to exist at the faculties. History of Architecture has been attached to the Institute of Natural Sciences since 1986. Research topics of graduate theses include the following: Ancient, Byzantine, Classical Ottoman, Late Ottoman, Seljuk, Turkish Dynasties, Islamic Architecture, 20th Century Turkish Architecture, Modern Western Architecture, Urban History and Architectural Theory. Field Projects and field trips organized by the mem¬bers of the Department are major activities supporting the undergraduate and gradu¬ate education programs. New ways of academic approach to historical material have been initiated at ITU. The academic formation obtained at ITU has provided young academics the oppor¬tunity to create or join the new departments of the History of Architecture at the prominent universities of Turkey.


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