A Literature Survey of Studies on History of Turkish Islamic Philosophy

Academic works on the history of Islamic philosophy have increased rapidly in recent years. This research is a humble attempt to compile articles written and published in Turkish on the history of Islamic thought. This study consists of two parts; namely the introduction and a list of articles. In the introduction, I describe the breadth of articles on the history of Islamic philosophy and delve into the reasons for this increase. Meanwhile I emphasize how the positivist conception of history has had a negative effect on academic studies regarding the history of Islamic philosophy. I also examine the overlooked and disregarded parts of the history of Islamic philosophy and call attention to two periods: namely, the Hellenistic period when Aristotelian commentators were very productive, and after the 12th century, especially the period of the history of Ottoman thought. I also evaluate the relationship between the positivistic conception of history and the ignorance of these two periods.


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