Philosophy Journals From Tanzimat until Today

This article gives information about philosophy journals from the Ottoman era since they was first issued. The publishing process differed from similar publications in the West. Periodicals were manifest of late Ottoman thought as well as providing a forum to create public opinion. Journals have a special status within periodicals. For example Cemil Meriç favored journals rather than newspapers, as evidenced in his remarks that journals are the castle of free thought. A periodical can be described as a publication that is issued regularly, is a compilation of many writers’ articles and has no purpose to have completion. Even though it has no purpose to have completion every journal aims to maturity and perfection. In our two hundred-yearold publishing history, almost every journal has had a very short lifetime. This case still remains the same today. Out of all the journals and newspapers, there are only handful that have manage to last and create its own tradition. Historians prefer to consult journals rather than newspapers because journals tend to include more reliable articles. This paper aims to point out the importance of periodicals with regard to the transfer of thought by offering a bibliography to assist subsequent works.


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