Hilmi Ziya Ülken and His Contributions to the Philosophy in Turkey

This study aims to present Hilmi Ziya Ülken’s contributions to philosophical studies in Turkey. In this manner, his studies on the Anadoluculuk movement, his attempts to constitute a philosophical language and tradition, and his position within the study of the history of Turkish thought, are discussed. Additionally, his effects on the institutionalization of philosophy, his suggested solutions for social problems and his academic and non-academic activities are outlined. Ülken’s philosophical views presented throughout his original works, translations, presentations, articles and columns, all written with a certain degree of social sensibility that support a Turkish humanism and Turkish renaissance are analyzed in this study. As a sophisticated thinker, Ülken’s efforts and desire to form a philosophical basis and carrying out philosophical activities in Turkey are evaluated within the bounds of an article.

Mehmet VURAL

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