Molla Kûrânî's Ghâyat al-Amânî

This study briefly introduces Molla Kûrânî's complete exegesis of the Qur'an, Ghâyat al-Amânî, focusing on its sources, methodology and originality. One of the important examples of Ottoman tafsir literature, Ghâyat al-Amânî is written according to dirâya method and encompasses less space than Baydâwi's tafsir in volume. Although its essential sources are the tafsirs of Zamakhsharî and Baydâwi, it contains fundamental critique on these two works. Such critique can be regarded as the main characteristic that imbues Ghâyat al-Amânî with originality and exceptionality in the history of Qur'anic exegesis. As such, they reflect the authority of the writer in his field. It also shows that he has scholarly self-confidence and ability to think freely both of which enable him to criticize the greatest authorities of the field of tafsir.


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