The Tafsir of Elmalılı Muhammed Hamdi Yazır

The Religion of the Truth and the Language of the Qu'ran by Elmalılı Muhammed Hamdi Yazır is one the earliest and most significant works in the field of Islamic sciences carried out in the Republican Era. The work has had immense influence in shaping the understanding, interpretation and translation of the Qur'an in the past and the present. Reflecting the needs of his time as well as his strong background in the Islamic sciences acquired through his madrasa education, Elmalılı's tafsir (exegesis), which was penned in Turkish, is well studied and discussed in books, articles and conference papers in relation to many disciplines including the Islamic sciences. Many works on the Qur'an that are composed in Turkish have benefited greatly from it. As such, Elmalılı's Tafsir has had great impact on the understanding of religion in Turkey. In this article, The Religion of the Truth and the Language of the Qu'ran will be briefly introduced and a bibliography of the works on this tafsir and its author will be presented.


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