Turkish Hadith Studies in Memluk Era

In Mamluk period which is considered as the second golden age after the third century of Hijra in the history of Islamic sciences, a great development in all branches of Islamic sciences was notiecable. During the Mamluk period, approximately two and a half centuries (649-923/1250-1517), a quite brilliant cultural and scientific movement took the stage. Islamic scholars grown up in Mamluk period have left a unique legacy for the history of Islamic culture and Islamic sciences. There is no period in the whole history of Islam comparable to Mamluk period in the sense of achievement in producing numerous and voluminous works. This period came to the fore particularly with its large principal commentators and encyclopaedists. Mamluk period is extremely rich in abundance of hadīth scholars and literary works written by the hadīth scholars in almost every field. Although many works were conducted on the Mamluk period in contemporary Turkey, especially with special reference to some famous scholars of this period and their works, there still is a need to write the history of this period with a focus on hadīth studies. In this article, works conducted on the Mamluk period with special attention to Hadīth field are studied, enumerated, and evaluated.


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