Studies in Ottoman Hadith in Republican Era

The main focus of this article is to analyse the content of Ottoman hadīth studies throughout the Republican era in Turkey. I will also try to give a bibliography of the studies on this field. Most of the Ottoman scholars who authored books wrote both on intellectual and religious matters. During the classical period, it was one of the preconditions mentioned in the charter of foundations (waqfiyya) that those would lecture in madrasas must have been experts in hadīth science. This precondition indicates the fact that an utmost importance was given to hadīth science during the Ottoman era. Moreover, many people ranging from litterateurs to administrators, officials and scholars authored works in -forty-hadīth- genre. For this reason, one of the most frequently studied fields has been the -forty-hadīth- studies during the Republican era in Turkey. By means of this study, I will try to analyse the significance of hadīth studies during the Ottoman period from perspective of present day and their place in Turkish academia. I will also try to make some suggestions and evaluations.


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