A Bibliography of Hadith Commentaries in Republican Era

Studies on hadīth commentary in Turkish in the republican era has started with Buhârî Muhtasarı Tecrîd-i Sarîh Tercemesi ve Şerhi by Ahmet Naim and Kamil Miras with a decision taken by the Turkish Parliament. The number of the commentaries has increased after 1950's with the beginning of the multiparty period in Turkey. In this article I first examine hadīth commentaries between 1923-1950, then evaluate hadīth commentaries in each succeeding decades separately. I present important publications with their main characteristics and give a brief evaluation on them on the basis of the articles and theses written on these commentaries. In the second part of the article, I give a classified bibliography of hadīth commentaries. Here I use some subtitles such as books written in Turkish, translations, forty hadīths, and other works containing certain number of hadīth. I classify articles and papers as monographic commentaries and commentaries in general.


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