Official Efforts in Publicizing in Republican Era

The modernization efforts in education and training which started in the last period of the Ottoman period and continued in the Republic era weakened religious and moral values in the social and individual life. Traditional institutions such as madrasahs had been insufficient to respond to problems and glitch emerging in religious services. Quests for narrating and spreading the religious truths correctly also appeared outside of the madrasahs. The first examples of this institutional level is Dâru'l-Hikmeti'lİslâmiyye, Tedkîkât ve Te'lifât-ı İslâmiyye, and The Translation Project of the Qur'an and Hadīth. The information is given in this article about The Translation Project of the Quran and Hadīth, and the life of Babanzade Ahmet Naim Bey, who commissioned to translate al-Tajreed al-Sarīh within the scope of this project, and his aforementioned work.


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