Some Remarks on Mulla Khusraw’

This article aims to evaluate the commentary of famous Ottoman Hanafī scholar Mulla Khusraw, entitled Šarḥu Uṣūli l-Pazdawī, based on Pazdawī’s Uṣūl, which is one of the most significant works on the Hanafī uṣūl al-fiqh. The fact that he could not complete his work –it covers only the first part, up to the section on al-lafẓ al- ḫāṣṣ- indicates that Mulla Khusraw began to write his commentary toward the end of his life. Nonetheless it provides important information about the main sources of the Islamic jurisprudence and further outlines the systematic of the alfāẓ section. On the other hand, Mulla Khusraw consolidates at the beginning of his writing the substantial theological principles of the Hanafī-Māturīdī school. In addition the author refers in many cases especially to Kashf al-Asrār, one of the most significant commentaries on Pazdawī’s Uṣūl, and contributes by criticizing his predecessor. With regard to Pazdawī, Mulla Khusraw has generally the same position as Bukhari.


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