What Happened to the Fatwa in the New Times? Some Methodological Problems in Contemporary Fatwas

A fatwa is an answer given to the religious or legal problems resulting from the daily lives of either individuals or society. Issuing a fatwa actually means ijtihad. Nonetheless, over time, fatwa and ijtihad have differed from each other in terms of their qualities and the necessary requirements. As a result of this differentiation, the fatwa has become an application of the decrees issued by the qualified great fuqaha through ijtihad to the case of the inquirer. This action, carried out by the muftis who hold the qualifications of issuing a fatwa, naturally has to lean on some methods, principles and rules. Despite this, in both the past and the present, there have been and are some fatwa actions that breach these necessary methods and rules. In this article, which looks for an answer to the question of "what happened to fatwa in modern times?", some methodological problems prevalent in today's fatwas will be dealt with under eight sub-titles.


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