Fiqh Symposiums

Scientific meetings (conferences, symposiums, etc.) about fiqh during the Republican period especially came after periods of intense efforts to learn about Islam and to conduct the social search in this field in the aftermath of 1980. Considering the basic Islamic sciences in general, particularly the difficult process of fiqh education and research in the Republican period, it is natural that the fiqh symposiums have concentrated in the last forty years. This article is limited to symposia that are entirely or predominantly in the field of fiqh. These scientific meetings were discussed in three main sections. In the meetings related to method of the fiqh, the issue of methodology, comprehension and interpretation, the status of fiqh against social changes, hermeneutics, historicalism, the position of sunnah in Islam come to the forefront. Symposiums related to the fiqh doctrine (Fürû) constitute the second section. Most of the topics in these symposiums are related to economics and family law. In the third section,there are meetings about the history of fiqh. The meetings related to the history of fiqh are mostly concerned with fiqh scholarship. The views of prominent fiqh scholars in Islamic history, especially in the Ottoman period, have been examined in these meetings.


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