Al-Muqaddimât al-arba Literature in the Ottomans

The title "Al-Muqaddimât al-arba'" (The Four Premises) is one of the prominent issues of debate in the post-classical period of the history of Islamic sciences. These premises, which appeared in Sadr al-Shariah's (d. 747/1346) at-Tavdhīh, one of the most influental works about Islamic jurisprudence, are about the ethical and legal foundations of human acts and behaviours on the basis of husn and kubh. After the author of at-Tavdhīh, many scholars including Taftazani, most of whom lived during the Ottoman period, contributed to the issue and gradually formed a literature that addressed ancient questions such as free will, human capacity and responsibility. The purpose of this article is to identify, to classify and to describe this literature as well as to analyze a few questions.


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