Treatises on the Rules of Courtesy and the Fundamental Principles in Sufism



Adāb literature emerged in the second century A.H through the compilation of texts on the ādāb of servitude As “state of being” (hâl) and “office” (makam) appeared in Sufi thought, this literature started to include the relations between the master and the disciple (mürid-mürşid) as well as the ādāb concerning their mutual responsibilities. Texts including the ādāb of Sufi orders (tariqas) emerged together with their formation as an institution. Each had its own place in the history of Sufism as a separate style of compilation. This article attempts to evaluate the related literature through this historical context including the contemporary academic studies.

Keywords: Islamic Mysticism, Sūfī Literature, Adāb Literature, Tarīqa.

Safi Arpaguş - Kübra Betül Baydar
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