The Bibliography of Articles on Urban Geography in Turkey (1915-2018)


This study is a compilation of articles on urban geography written by geographers in Turkey. Geographical studies in Turkey began in a modern sense with the establishment of Geography Department at Istanbul University in 1915. The study of urban geography, which is a subdivision of human geography, became more intense after the 1950s following an increase in the migration into the cities. The number of articles written on this subject has continued to increase to this day.

This study begins with an introduction on the general features of urban geography. The second part is about the method, whereas the third part delves into the topics examined by geographers in urban geographical studies. The fourth part includes an evaluation of the statistical data with conclusive remarks and the fifth part consists of the bibliography of the compiled studies.

This study hopes to contribute to the field by enabling quick access to the relevant material for further studies through a compilation of the works of geographers on urban space and an analysis of their perspectives towards the city. Moreover, it presents a bibliography of articles written by geographers in Turkey on urban geography until the end of 2018.

Keywords: Urban Geography, Urban Studies, Urban Bibliography, Turkey Urban Studies, Urban Geography Articles.

Ahmet Emrah Siyavuş
Makaleyi indir

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