Prof. Dr. Erol Tümertekin as an Urban Geographer


Erol Tümertekin is a scholar who has made great contributions to the development and consolidation of Turkish geography. This article focuses on the city, which constituted a significant portion of his recent studies. It has employed the method of document analysis. The books and articles he wrote on urban geography have been examined in terms of their content and methodology. His publications focusing on applied geography began with his dissertation entitled “Heavy Iron Industry and its Status in Turkey.” This work includes a discussion of the establishment and development of the industrial city of Karabük and was subsequently published as a book. Tümertekin’s second book, Functional Classification of Cities in Turkey, was published in 1965 as the first book on urban geography. In the following years, he conducted much research on urban- industrial relations with a focus on İstanbul. Tümertekin’s last article “İstanbul: Une métropole Anatolienne” reflected the accumulation of his research on cities and İstanbul.

Keywords: Erol Tümertekin, Literature, Urban Geography, Method, Istanbul.

Meryem Hayır-Kanat Ali Yiğit
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