An Overview of Prof. Ali Tanoğlu’s Studies on Agricultural Geography


Ali Tanoğlu has published extensively on various topics of geography. This study deals with his book on agricultural geography and his articles on agriculture.

In his book entitled Agricultural Life, Tanoğlu has approached the history of agriculture from a geographical perspective with an analysis of anchor agriculture, domestication of animals and plow agriculture. He has also delved into the agricultural life in countries of mid-latitude climate, the general conditions of agriculture and the main crops. The importance of these crops, their homeland, geographical conditions as well as production and trade have been evaluated on the basis of specific countries from a geographical perspective.

In his article entitled “Geographical Character of Our Agriculture and Major Issues,” Tanoğlu has explained the problems of our agriculture with reference to the simplicity of Turkey’s economic structure. In another study entitled “Agriculture in Arid Regions and the Status of Konya Region”, he emphasized the “dry farming” method in arid regions. The article “Sugar Cane Agriculture and Industry and Opportunities of this Agricultural Industry in Turkey” discussed the history of sugar cane crop, its spread around the world, industrialization and the conditions necessary to raise it in Turkey. In “La Mécanisation de l’Agriculture en Turquie,” he tried to address mechanization in agricultural activities in Turkey after 1950 and its results. Finally, in “Soil in Turkey,” he provided detailed information about the importance of soil and territory of Turkey.

Keywords: Prof. Ali Tanoğlu, Agricultural Geography, Agriculture in the Mid- Latitude Climate Countries, Agriculture in Turkey, Sugar Cane.

Süheyla Balcı Akova Mesut Doğan
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