Turkey’s Rural Settlements in Graduate Theses and Dissertations


This study serves as a literature survey on the graduate theses written on the rural settlements in Turkey. The issue of settlement has been examined by various disciplines and analyzed by many theses. This study analyzes those theses written with a focus on the rural settlements. Rural settlements have been treated under the scope of other sciences such as sociology, anthropology, archeology, architecture, planning and geography. The relevant theses will be analyzed within the scope of the geography of settlement. The data for this study has been extracted from the open-access database of national graduate theses kept at YÖK (Higher Education Council in Turkey). The data will be categorized through statistical methods and the theses of rural settlement written in the field of geography will be compared to others. These theses will then be analyzed in terms of their subject, scope and level. The results will offer guidance for scholars seeking to determine a research topic on rural settlement in Turkey.

Keywords: Theses on Rural Settlements, Geographical Studies in Turkey, Studies on Anatolian Geography.

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