Plant Geography Studies in Turkey

In Turkey, the studies on plant geography by Turkish geographers began in the 1960s. Hamit İnandık (1961, 1965), Reşat İzbırak (1963), Sırrı Erinç (1967) are the first geographers to write the first textbooks on the subject. The publications by Yusuf Dönmez (1976) and İbrahim Atalay (1983, 1990) followed. Altogether they constituted the fundamental books on plant geography.

Hamit İnandık is the first scholar to publish the first book on Turkey’s plant geography (Introduction to the Plant Geography of Turkey, 1965). This work is significant for presenting the fundamental aspects of Turkey’s plant geography. The first comprehensive regional study on plant geography in Turkey was conducted by Yusuf Dönmez (Plant Geography of Thrace). It was followed by other works of Dönmez as well as theses carried under his supervision and other publications on the subject. Through these studies, the features of various regions in Turkey have been analyzed in detail in terms of plant geography. Moreover, the studies on Turkey’s plant geography introduced into literature many plant species previously unknown in Turkey.

This article provides a chronological overview of the studies on plant geography conducted by Turkish geographers in Turkey (books, articles, thesis).

Nurten Günal
Makaleyi indir

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