History of Geomorphology and Geomorphological Studies in Turkey (1923 -2018)

This study deals with the characteristics of the specialized field of geomorphology, which has developed in Turkey over the course of the past 95 years (1923-2018) in parallel to the development of physical geography. This development has been analyzed according to the following tripartite periodization:

(1) Pre-Modern Period of Geomorphology (before 1933),
(2) The Establishment and Consolidation of Modern Geomorphology (1933-1999),

(3) Geomorphology in the Computer Age: The Period of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems Applications (2000-2018).

This paper provides a detailed coverage of these periods in terms of the relevant studies and their authors. It also attempts to describe the state of geomorphology studies in Turkey. As the attached bibliography reveals, this paper is an expanded and updated version of two of my former studies published in the following venues: “Geomorphology Research in Turkey (1923-2010)”, a chapter in a book published by TUBA (Academy of Sciences of Turkey) in 2012 and “History of Geomorphology Sciences in Turkey (1915-2016)”, as published in the Journal of Geography of Istanbul University in 2016.

Our aim here is to present the geomorphological studies in Turkey in parallel to the World Geomorphology Studies in the last 95 years. Of course, there were geomorphological studies before the Republican Period. This study, however, deals with geomorphology studies in Turkey in the Republican Period, that is between 1923-2018. It must also be noted that there are still some documents that are not covered in this study due to their size such as the 200-page bibliography of the studies of Turkish geomorphologists abroad and geomorphology in Turkey.

Ahmet Ertek
Makaleyi indir

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