A Literature Review of The Articles Published in Turkey on Geography Education (1923-2018)

This study attempts to describe the articles on geography education published in refereed journals between 1923-2018. The research was carried out using qualitative research design. While the wider scope for the study spans the academic works published on geography education between 1923-2018, the sample has narrowed it down to those articles published (390 articles) in refereed journals in the same period. Descriptive analysis, which is a type of qualitative data analysis, is utilized to analyze the data. 

According to the survey, qualitative research methods are more frequently used in articles published in the field of geography education in Turkey. The survey has revealed that the most frequent design among research methods is descriptive screening for quantitative research and phenomenological patterns for qualitative research. Regarding articles on geography education, case studies are considerably high. Studies on the teaching of values and association/comparison with other fields have the lowest share. More than half of the articles published on geography education between 1923-2018 have been published after 2011. The three articles published before 1990 consist of case studies that propose solutions. The increase in the quantity of articles is noteworthy after the restructuring of the Faculties of Education by HEC (Higher Education Council) in 1996-97. The distribution of 390 articles examined within the scope of this research reveals that approximately half of them (49.23%) did not specify the level of education for which they were written. The studies conducted at the level of pre-school and elementary school have the least weight with 2.81%. The distribution of articles reveals that the journals publishing the most number of articles on geography education are International Journal of Geography and Geography Education (IGGE) (152), Eastern Geographical Review (53), Review of International Geographical Education Online (RIGEO) (12) and National Education Journal (12). Research results demonstrate that quantitative studies are more popular. As a result, studies with qualitative design should be prioritized in future studies.

Bülent Aksoy Abdullah Türker
Makaleyi indir

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