The Literature of Geographical Dictionaries in Turkey


One of the issues that Turkish geographers studied in the Republican period is the terms geography. Studies on this subject started in the late 1930s, the first important studies were carried out in the First Geography Congress in 1941. In the following years, various studies on geography terms have been made, articles and dictionaries have been published. Dictionaries have a special place in these. Geography, geography terms, physical geography and geomorphology dictionaries have been published and a considerable collection has emerged.

The subject of this study is geography dictionaries, which are an important part of the Republican period geography collections. Geography dictionaries, which explain the Turkish equivalents of geographical terms, played an important role in the formation and use of geographical terminology. It is one of the main reference sources especially for undergraduate and graduate geography students, geography teachers and those working in this field. Giving the literature on this subject will also show the unworked aspects of the subject and will be a guide for future studies. Therefore, the main purpose of the study is to give literature on the subject and contribute to the studies to be carried out in this field.

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