Turkish Journal of Geomorphology and Its Index

This study deals with the Journal of Geomorphology, which is one of the publishing organs of the Association of Turkish Geomorphology. The journal did not last long; after publishing its first issue in 1969, it came to an end in 1998 with its twenty-first issue. An overview of articles published in the journal reveals a significant scientific accumulation of 2488 pages in twenty-one issues. Each issue consisted of 10 articles and 120 pages in average. With the exception of one article written by a meteorologist and ten articles written by geologists, all articles were written by geographer-geomorphologists. These features serve as an important indicator for the lack of communication of the field with other disciplines.

The articles in the Journal of Geomorphology can be examined in four groups. The first group contains articles on professional presentation and the transmission of scientific knowledge. The second group includes articles on the general assessment of Turkey’s geomorphology. The third consists of scientific articles revealing the local research results. Last group, pertaining to the least number of articles, includes news, announcements and book reviews. The journal has published more than 200 articles; 55 of them on theoretical subjects, 20 on general assessment about Turkey and more than 120 articles about results of local research. There is no doubt that the Journal of Geomorphology filled an important gap at the time it was published. Despite its contributions to the scientific and professional accumulation, its mission has been completed by the time its publication came to an end.

Harun Tunçel Ebubekir Karakoca
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