The Contribution of Marmara Geography Review to the Field of Geography

Literature review, which constitutes an indispensable step for any scientific study, is also fundamental to the field of geography. The compilation of all studies relevant to a particular area of research in a journal, periodical or book facilitates their accessibility. One such important source is the periodical that focuses on specific disciplines. Marmara Geographical Review is one such publication in the field of geography.

Marmara Geographical Review was first published in January 1996. In the early years, the journal was published biennially and from 2000 on, it was issued regularly twice a year (January and July). After publishing its 37th issue in January 2018, the journal reviewed its editorial policy and accessibility.

The first 34 issues of Marmara Geographical Review are recognized as a national peer-reviewed journal. From the 35th issue, the journal began to be indexed internationally. In 2018, it was being indexed within ESCI and it continued to publish as an “international scientific peer-reviewed journal”. It has contributed greatly to the literature on geography mostly in Turkish and aims to be indexed in internationally respected indexes. With this goal in mind, the editorial policy and title of the journal were changed after the 38th issue. In order to receive more citation and enhance its impact factor, the editorial board decided to enlarge the paper abstracts and changed the journal name to International Journal of Geography and Geography Education (IGGE).

Mehmet Ünlü
Makaleyi indir

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