The Development Process of Cinema Historiography in Turkey

The productivity in the field of cinema historiography, which started with the work
of cinema writers who wrote regularly in newspapers and periodicals, then
continues with the efforts of researchers from different fields. After the 1990s, with
the widespread use of universities, the contributions of academicians trained in
the academy enable new methodologies and scientific approaches to spread to the
field. This work aims to reflect the development process of this literature by
covering all of the historiography texts produced from past to present in Turkey. In
order to limit the framework of the subject, people who are interested in cinema
historiography and who have worked in this field have been put in the center.
The texts are divided into three main sections as cinema writers, cinema
researchers and academy according to the approaches of the text producers
arising from their professional field and their profession. In addition to these, the
interactive and innovative efforts of various institutions and organizations
established recently have been evaluated under a separate heading.

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