An Evaluation on the Horror Cinema Literature in Turkey

This article analyzes the horror cinema literature in Turkey. Particularly, it has
increased the interest in Turkish horror films, and the number of academic
publications depends on the changing structure and ideologies of society in the
last two decades. It has discussed books, articles, and graduate theses on horror
cinema with the content analysis according to qualitative research design. In this
study were examined 144 publications including 31 books, 42 articles, and 71
postgraduate publications. The works were obtained through surveys carried out
in the national thesis data center, Dergipark, Google Academic, and various library
catalogs on the web. While examining the publications, they were scanned
according to the elements of “horror cinema”, “horror”, “Turkish horror cinema”,
“ the elements of horror” the data obtained as a result of this analysis were
analyzed. In this study, the book of horror cinema in Turkey literature, articles and
aimed to determine the context of the graduate thesis. Thus, it is aimed to
contribution to the horror cinema literature in Turkey.

Ozan Özpay

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