The Bibliography of Researches on the Cinema Venues, Cinemagoing and Cinemagoers in Turkey: Approaches, Sources, and Methodologies

In this study, the cinemagoer is defined not only as the person who interacts with
the film, the cinema venue or other audiences, but as the person who literally goes
to the cinema. From this perspective, it is aimed to compile and discuss the
literature on cinema venues in Turkey, in which the venues are defined as the
place where the films are screened within a certain program as a commercial
entities; where and how these cinema venues are located in urban or rural areas;
how the cinema venues are arranged and organized; and the experiences of the
cinemagoers in these venues. It is also aimed to create a bibliography of researches
that try to investigate different localities in Turkey by using different sources and
methods, differentiating from the approach of traditional/mainstream Turkish
cinema historiography, that usually focus on İstanbul (mostly on Beyoğlu) and
based primarily on secondary sources. In order to bring out the compilation,
keywords such as cinema(s), cinema venue(s), movie theater, summer cinema or
open-air cinema were searched in library records, archives and databases and this
comprehensive review has been nourished by using the available resources and
the snowballing. After the major bibliography was brought together, the sources
were thematically coded, and classified. After the coding and classification
processes, the sources on cinema venues, cinemagoers, and audience researches
literature, are categorized and analyzed as approaches, sources, and methods. At
the end of the review, the bibliography on cinema venues in Turkey, cinemagoers
and audience research is listed.

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